8 great attachments for a belt grinder

The belt grinder is indispensable when making objects from metal and wood. Improve your skills with a good belt sander. Many people look at the belt sander. How powerful is the motor? How fast does the belt turn? These things are certainly important. Equally important is how many attachments fit on the belt sander. A belt sander without attachments limits your options.

Improve your skills with the right attachments

Attachments boost your creativity. You’ll be surprised how nice it is and how good the quality gets when you pay attention to the attachments. To get the most out of your skills, make the most of the attachments. Here are 8 tools that will boost your creativity.

1.      The large wheel

2.      The roller set

3.      A support arm

4.      A tilting work plate

5.      A work plate for the large wheel

6.      An hinged belt grinder

7.      The frequency converter (vfd)

8.      The knife jig

Large wheel

A large wheel is almost standard for a good belt grinder. The diameter is often 20, 25 or 30cm. The large wheels are there to provide work pieces with curves. When making knives, you can use them to make the ‘hollow grind’. The large wheel is mounted on a support arm.

The roller set

A good roller set contains rollers with a diameter of 20, 30 and 40mm.  A diameter of 40, 60, 80 and 100mm can also be useful. The roller set offers the possibility to give a work piece a rounding. With a roller set, this is fast, easy and precise. The rollers are mounted on a support arm.

The roller set curves your work piece quickly, accurately and easily.

A support arm

The support arm can be attached to the belt grinder. On this support arm you can easily and quickly mount the attachments. Think of all kinds of rolls of different diameters, working plates and a large wheel.

A working plate around the big wheel

An indispensable accessory is the special work plate for the big wheel and the roller set. This work plate is attached to the support arm on which the roller set or the big wheel is mounted. The work plate has a recess in which the big wheel and the rollers fit exactly. It is a wonderful accessory! Absolutely top-notch for quick and precise work. 

It is a splendid accessory! Absolutely top-notch for fast and precise work. 

A tilting work plate

The tilting work plate is attached to the belt grinder. The name says it all: the work plate can be adjusted to an angle. All your workpieces can be sanded at an angle. It is not for very fine work, but for coarser work. For precision angles, the knife jig is better. More on that later. The greatest advantage of the tilting work plate is that it can be raised and lowered. The working height is almost doubled! A very big advantage.

The working height is almost doubled! A very big advantage.

An angled belt grinder

Any good belt grinder can pivot 90 degrees. Or tilt. It just depends on how you put it. The advantage is that it doubles the number of working positions. Normally, the belt sander runs from top to bottom. When the belt sander is turned 90 degrees, the belt runs from left to right. Not only that. The large wheel and roller set can also be tilted 90 degrees.

A hinged belt grinder doubles the number of possible working positions of the belt sander.

The frequency converter (VFD)

A frequency converter is a variable speed drive. You control the speed of the sanding belt. The variable speed drive is very easy to connect to the motor. Good belt sanders have an easy installation manual. Most belt sanders have a belt speed of 15m/s. The

The variable speed device allows you to decrease or increase the belt speed. The lower speed is especially nice, because your work piece becomes less hot. Burning in is therefore prevented. At a lower belt speed, your finishing will be more accurate. The result is much better workpieces!

The knife jig

The knife jig is placed on the Xl-workplate of your belt sander. They are used to bevel knives. Good knife jigs are adjustable to less than 1 degree and have a hard plastic slide underneath. This gives a very accurate and smooth operation.

Batko is the name of the belt grinder for knives, even though people sometimes say Batco or Bakto.


Batko is the name of a good decent belt grinder for knives, even though people sometimes say Batco or Bakto. A Batko belt grinder has it all. Many affordable attachments, a vfd and titable. The machine is made of solid steel and is powerfull and indestructible. Powerful for professionals and amateurs who go for it. Fast, efficient, easy and precision machining of all sorts of workpieces is effortless. Whether it’s metal, wood, glass, plastics, ceramics, rubber or mineral materials. The Batko is a multifunctional machine with many options. This machine sparks your creativity. Whatever you want to create, the Batko makes an unbeatable result possible.

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Improve your skills with a Batko

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