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About batko

Multifunctional. Powerful. Solid. Durable.

On the search for a durable and robust belt grinder Jac Nijskens, founder of Batko, met a local producer, Ivica and his daughter Marijela, with the same vision. The Batko belt grinder became CE certified. Currently the Batko is known in all countries of Europe, from Albania to Sweden.


We go for solid

A Batko is made of solid steel and stainless steel. Solid. As it should be. A Batko keeps working. It always does. In the unlikely event of a malfunction, all parts are replaceable. By us or by yourself. We will gladly help you to replace a part. However, for a repair you never depend on us. That’s why a Batko keeps working. Always. 

Machines for a lifetime and generations to come

A Batko for everyone

Our vision is “A Batko for everyone”. Our wish is that different operations are possible on 1 machine, which normally requires 2 or 3 different machines. The Batko can be found at many different companies, such as knife makers, watchmakers, restorers, designers, metal industry, instrument makers. Take a look here to see who our customers are and what they create.




*only possible with the Batko 3000XL


A Batko has a very long service life. Therefore machines have a relatively low impact on the environment. The contribution to CO2 emissions is relatively low over the long term.