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Batko belt grinders

Multifunctional. Powerful. Solid. Durable. Lifetime guarantee on spring and bearings.

an all-rounder

Powerful for professionals and amateurs who go for it. Fast, efficient, easy and precision machining of all sorts of workpieces is effortless. Whether it’s metal, wood, glass, plastics, ceramics, rubber or mineral materials. The Batko is a multifunctional machine with many options. This machine sparks your creativity. Whatever you want to create, the Batko makes an unbeatable result possible.




*only possible with the Batko 3000XL

rock solid and indestructible

Our belt grinders are robust and solidly built. We provide lifetime guarantee on spring and bearings. The Batko 1400XL is made of stainless steel and aluminium. The Batko 3000XL is made of only solid steel. The wheels are made of solid aluminium and have steel bearings. All parts are replaceable. Likely this is the last grinding machine you will buy. A Batko keeps working. Always.

Machines for a lifetime and generations to come