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Batko 3000XL

Standard setup

Robust, multi-functional and powerful belt grinder for grinding and sanding metal, wood, glass, ceramics and plastics. The machine is delivered ready to start as shown in the photo of the Batko 3000XL standard setup.

The machine is made of solid steel. The drive wheel is solid aluminium. The wheels are made of solid aluminum and have steel bearings. There is no plastic in the bearings.

Lifetime warranty on spring and bearings.

From received payment to shipping: 1 – 2 working days.
Shipping: with track&trace.
Safe payment
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Batko 3000XL Standard Setup

Included in Standard setup

  • 230V or 400V / 1.1 or 1.5 kW motor
  • Tiltable
  • Solid steel XL-workplate 40cm
  • On/off switch
  • Emergency button
  • Belt width 50mm
  • Belt length 1650 to 2000mm
  • CE-Certifeid

Attachments 3000XL

The attachments are an addition to the standard set-up. Buy them now or later in the shop.

  • Large wheel 20cm
  • Rollerset diameter 20, 30 and 40mm
  • Roll 10cm
  • Support arm for rollerset and large wheel
  • Workplate for rollerset and large wheel
  • XL-workplate 40cm hinged
  • XL-workplate 40cm Easyslide
  • Variable speed control (VFD)
  • Coating

Attachments 3000XL


  •  The coating is called “hot bluing”. It results in a black coating. See the product page for details. 

Large Wheel

  • Diameter 20cm
  • Plastic wheel with a soft polyamide coating 


  • Diameter 20, 30 and 40mm
  • Stainless steel
  • 6001 ZZ C3 bearings

Support arm 3000XL

  • For fastening the roller set and/or large wheel
  • Also to attach the special workplate for the rollerset and large wheel
  • For tilted and non-tilted position.
  • Solid steel
  • Including locking rings

Workplate for roller set and large wheel

  • The large wheel and rollers of the roller set fit perfectly in the cutouts of this plate.
  • For use in the tilted and non-tilted position.
  • Solid steel

XL-workplate 40cm hinged

  • This plate hinges at two points so that many different working positions are possible.
  • The vertical working space can be increased with the hinged plate.
  • Solid steel

XL-workplate 40cm Easyslide

  • Plate can easily be slid around the sanding belt

  • Solid steel

Variable speed control (vfd)

  • To regulate the belt speed
  • Choose the dustproof control box when you work in an environment with metal dust

Machines for a lifetime

Something broken or worn out? All components from Batko belt grinders are replaceable. You never need to buy a new belt grinder!

The belt grinders are CE Certified