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Buy or built a belt grinder for knive making: 3 great tips

Buying a belt sander. Making knives. How to get a belt grinder for knife making. Use the belt grinder to work with metal. Since most belt sanders don’t really meet my requirements within my budget, I started looking. I’m not really tied to sizes because I can have them made to any size I want. Of course, it’s a bit of figuring out in terms of speed and so on what gives the best result without burning material compared to the wear and tear on the tyres themselves. Here are 3 tips for the belt grinder for knife making.

Buy a belt sander or build a belt grinder yourself.

Tip 1 Buy a belt sander and do not build a belt grinder yourself.

You can use the belt grinder for knife making as a belt grinder for metal. The belt grinder can also work on wood and other materials. Do you want to make knives or build machines? That is the question. Because building a belt grinder for knives yourself can sometimes take a year or more. Buying a belt grinder allows you to get started right away with your belt grinder for knives. and you can also restore machines, (also suprisingly fun!) and do many other things with the belt grinder for knives making. Buying a belt grinder may be boring, but you can start right away. But buy a good one, with CE mark, with guarantee and one that will last a long time. A machine from Aldi or Alibaba can be thrown away after a year. Batko is a machine for a lifetime.

Belt grinder for knife making must be CE and have many accessories.

Tip 2 Belt grinder for knife making must be CE and have many accessories.

Now that you know that belt grinder DIY or a cheap machine have disadvantages, you can look for the supplier of a good belt sander for knives. Look for a belt grinder that meets two conditions. The machine must be CE approved. Then it complies with the EU machine directive and is safe. Never buy a belt grinder for knives without a CE mark! It is forbidden and even punishable. The second condition is that you should pay attention to the attachments. The attachments of the belt sander9ne for knives are important. Because the best belt grinders for knives offer many attachments, such as a support arm with roller sets, a large wheel, a knife jig or grindding jig and various working plates. If you are thinking of buying a belt grinder, go 100% for a belt grinder that can tilt. Batko 3000XL is a tilting model. A tip might be that you want a decent belt grinder for knives. Batko is a well-known and reliable machine for knife makers. It is very solid and will last a lifetime. If you sell it, you get a decent price in return.

Building your own belt sander.

Tip 3 Building your own belt grinder.

When building a belt grinder yourself, I think the biggest challenge is finding all the individual parts in the right sizes/ratios. Go and have a look at technical wholesalers for bearing blocks, bearings etc. Bolts and nuts can be found there too, just like the sanding belts. And what will it cost? The hardest part of making these machines yourself is the precise alignment of the wheels. If not accurate, the belt will come off in no time, and an adjustable speed to change the belt speed is very practical. And the drive wheel of the belt grinder is crucial for speed. Making a good belt grinder for knives costs money, but so does building one yourself. The cost of building a belt grinder yourself can sometimes be even higher than buying one. There is also the risk that the belt grinder for knives runs badly. Then all your money is wasted, because you then think; buying a belt sander would have been better. And then you don’t have all the accessories that a bought belt grinder has, such as extra work plates, rollers with bearings etc.

The Batko belt grinder is a belt grinder for the professional but also for the individual who wants something good. A Batko belt grinder can also be used for other things, such as restoration machines, instruments and musical instruments or, in short, anything that can be made with metal and wood. Batko is the name of the belt grinder for knives, even though people sometimes say Batco or Bakto. There is a Batko1400XL and a Batko3000XL.

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