Making knives with the Batko belt grinder

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If you want to make knives with a belt grinder you might think of buying a belt grinder. Of all knife making machines Batko is a good choice.

What you need then is a belt grinder for metal. And wood too. There are many different belt grinders. What choice do you make then? With Batko, you have a number of advantages that another belt grinder does not have. There are many attachments. Like the tilting work plate. The vfd with control box is to reduce the belt speed. And a knife jig for the edges,

The drive wheel of the belt grinder provides the basic speed. The vfd regulates the speed to higher or lower. The belt sander, belt grinder or sanding machine is equipped with a 220V motor or a 380V (400V) motor.

The Batko belt grinder is a belt grinder for professionals but also for the private individual who wants something good. We also provide a knife jig and grinding jig for sharp edges.

A Batko belt sander can also be used for other things, such as restoration machines, instruments and musical instruments or, in short, anything that can be made with metal and wood.

Batko is the name of the belt grinder for knives, even though people sometimes say Batco or Bakto.