Batko Machines Reviews with

PLANEMOS: Interior- and exhibition design


“The Batko’s versatility stimulates my team.” That is the belief of Emile Miedema, partner of PLANEMOS. The company builds interiors for museums, companies and exhibitions. The list of clients is impressive: fashion designer Jan Taminau, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Verzets Museum, Maritime Museum, ABNAMRO, De Kunsthal, Royal Palace Het Loo. Big names, but also bars, restaurants and various interiors.

The Batko is a multifunctional machine with many attachments. This machine sparks your creativity. Whatever you want to create, the Batko makes an unbeatable result possible.

On the crossroads of production and art, you will find creative companies engaged in design. Wood and metal are widely used materials, but also glass and plastic. These companies produce in series or make unique products to order. The powerful Batko belt grinder is multifunctional and helps you to realize your design effortlessly and smoothly at a high finishing level.

Powerful for professionals and amateurs who go for it. Fast, efficient, easy and precision machining of all sorts of workpieces is effortless. Whether it’s metal, wood, glass, plastics, ceramics or stone.

The Batko is a strong machine made of robust solid steel. Very likely this is the last grinding machine you will buy.

A Batko will keep working. It always does. Because every part is replaceable. Now, 20 or 30 years from now. That’s durable. And good for your wallet. See the parts page.

Powerful – Power for professionals and amateurs who go for it.

Multifunctional – Exactly what you need. Exactly what you want.

Strong – Solid steel. Stainless steel. Sturdy. As it should be.

Durable – All parts are replaceable. A Batko keeps working. Always.