Batko Machines Reviews with

Professional knifemaking


For knife makers the Batko model 1400XL or the Batko 3000XL is a great tool.

The Batko belt grinder is perfect for making knives. The multifunctional machine can perform almost every possible task to produce beautiful and various types of knives ‘in a moment’.

The Batko belt grinder can rapidly process metal, wood, glass, ceramics, plastics to any desired shape and to a very high level of finish. It is a durable low cost machine. All parts are replaceable. A Batko keeps working. Always.

The versatility of the Batko belt grinder makes the machine a must for the metal and machine industry. Precision jobs or rough machining are effortless and smooth.

Anyone who wants to work multifunctional and with precision, but still wants to work fast and easy needs a Batko belt grinder.

On the crossroads of production and art, you will find creative companies engaged in design, as knifemakers. Wood and metal are widely used materials, but also glass and plastic. These companies produce in series or make unique products to order. The powerful Batko belt grinder is multifunctional and helps you to realize your design effortlessly and smoothly at a high finishing level.