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Aggressive performance and outstanding efficiency

Continuously aggressive grinding behaviour.
Long service life due to self-sharpening ceramic grit.
Designed for processing:

  • stainless steel
  • steel
  • cast material
  • high-alloy steels such as titanium and turbine steel

Very high grain adhesion thanks to Advanced Coating Technology and highly tear-resistant polyester backing.
The CS 922 Y includes the new CEVOLUTION technology.
CEVOLUTION stands for holistically optimized, ceramic abrasives.
Klingspor products with CEVOLUTION technology contain, among others, an optimized grit mix, grit sizes and formulation in order to offer the maximum performance in every application.


Abrasive belt CS 922 Y ACT – for aggressive abrasive performance and outstanding efficiency

The abrasive belt CS 922 Y ACT by Klingspor delivers ultimate efficiency and stands out primarily with its high performance. This high-performance abrasive belt offers a host of advantages including

  • an exceptionally long service life,
  • a highly tear-resistant backing,
  • suitability to stand up to even the highest loads and
  • excellent grain adhesion.

This abrasive belt is an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

Abrasive belt CS 922 Y ACT – with aggressive abrasive performance and a long service life

The abrasive belt CS 922 Y ACT is a special product that comes with a cloth backing made of Y-polyester. This backing proves to be exceptionally tear-resistant and manages to impress with the consistently high quality of the ground surface and its long service life. The abrasive material used is closely coated red ceramic with a fully synthetic bond. This hard, exceptionally tough, microcrystalline and self-sharpening abrasive material is guaranteed to deliver an aggressive abrasive performance. The sharp grain points ensure that the close coating will result in a high stock removal rate. This high-performance abrasive belt has been designed specifically for the high loads that are typical of metalworking applications. The acronym ACT stands for Advanced Coating Technology. This technology guarantees exceptional grain adhesion.

Abrasive belt CS 922 Y ACT – the high-performance abrasive belt for various applications

The high-performance abrasive belt CS 922 Y ACT is an excellent choice for a large number of metalworking applications. Klingspor developed this premium product for applications in engine construction, container manufacturing, in the tool industry and for turbine manufacturing in aircraft construction. It can be used for rough as well as intermediate and finish sanding, for deburring, for work on weld seams and edges and for surface sanding in combination with hard contact rollers.

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Non hardened metals, Stainless steel, Tempered steel

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