Motor 220V

130,00250,00 (157,30 incl. VAT)

Choose for a motor with or without switch with emergency button plus cable. The switch is connected to the motor. Choose between 1.1kW or 1.5kW motor.


The Batko1400XL has a 1.1kW motor.
The Batko3000XL has a 1.1kW or 1.5kW motor.

The 1.1kW motor is 2780rpm and has an axis diameter of 19mm.
The 1.5kW motor is 2755rpm and has an axis diameter of 24mm.

Motor is without drive wheel. For a motor with a drive wheel select a drive wheel in the webshop.

Additional information


Batko 1400XL, Batko 3000XL

Power supply

230V connection