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The 10 best metalworking applications with a belt grinder

The belt grinder or grinder is ideal for all types of metalworking. The workpiece is given the right shape and finish quickly, efficiently and accurately. In addition to metal, it is also possible to sand steel, damask, hardened steel, non-ferrous metals, wood, plastics, mineral materials and stone. Here we deal with metal.

The belt grinder or grinder for all types of metalworking

A belt grinder is a machine with a sanding belt. It is also called a grinder. This sanding belt can run at a fixed speed. With a variable speed regulator you can make the belt run faster or slower. At a lower speed, the metal does not burn in as quickly and you can sand accurately.

Choose a belt grinder with many attachments.

It is important to pay attention to the amount of attachments when choosing a belt grinder. A belt grinder with a belt that only runs from top to bottom is limited. Choose a tilting belt grinder with a lot of attachments. By tilting the belt, it can run from left to right instead of just from top to bottom. A great advantage!

Forging, welding, restoration and design. That is where people work with the belt grinder.

The belt grinder can be found in the metalworking workshop at forging, welding and restoration. The belt grinder is also essential in design. Many design and innovation departments in industry and production have a belt grinder. The belt grinder is an enormously useful tool when designing products. Individuals use the belt grinder for grinding, sanding and polishing when doing jobs or making knives.

Let’s take a look at the steps the metalworker goes through on the belt grinder. There are 5 steps:

1 Coarse sanding. A lot of material is removed from a rough piece of metal with coarse sanding. The workpiece is given its shape. Sanding belts with a hard polyester backing are used. This way one can press the metal workpiece hard against the sanding belt. The grain size is between 36 and 80.

2 Intermediate machining. During the intermediate processing, the details are applied. Much less material is removed. The working pressure is lower. The back side of the sanding belt is not so hard. The grain size is between 80 and 120.

3 Finishing. The finishing gives the metal work its final appearance. In the finishing some metal is removed from the workpiece but not much. The sanding belts are thin and supple. The grain size is between 150 and 400.

4 Finish. After the finish the workpiece is ready. It is smooth, rough, reflective, matt or semi-matt. That is the choice of the metalworker. There are special sanding belts for each type of finish. The grain size is between 400 and 2000.

5 Polishing. Polishing is done on the belt grinder with a polishing belt and polishing grease.

The belt grinder is used for many purposes.

The belt grinder is used for many purposes. It is an all-rounder. Especially when there are many wonderful attachments with the belt grinder. These are the 10 most beautiful operations for which the belt grinder is a must:

  1. Knives. In the world of knife making, the belt grinder is indispensable.
  2. Watchmakers. For working watch cases to a top level. Many watchmakers who work on Breitling or Rolex have a belt grinder in their workshop.
  3. Renovation and restoration. Of metal objects, machines and instruments. To restore an old or defective metal object to like-new condition, the belt grinder is a must.
  4. Farrier, hoof trimmer. To work with horseshoes and machetes.
  5. Goldsmith, jewellery making. In this sector, a belt grinder and its attachments are very nice to have.
  6. Sharpening knives, chisels and scissors. When sharpening or restoring these metal objects, the belt grinder is a very welcome tool.
  7. Musical instruments. The belt grinder is your best friend when renovating or building musical instruments. From coarse to very fine sanding is possible. Think of timpani, violin bows, xylophones or wind instruments.
  8. Instrument makers. These craftsmen can always use a belt grinder in the workshop. Think about laboratory instruments, medical instruments, scales etc.
  9. Interior fitters and cabinet makers. Where metal and wood merge, the belt grinder is a welcome tool to create beautiful things.
  10. Door fittings, shower taps, horse bits. The belt grinder is ideal for finely finishing round shapes. A very high quality finish can be achieved with all kinds of hard and soft sanding belts. Turbines, tubes, welding and wrapping robots. The similarity between these seemingly disparate objects is that they are all made or restored with a belt grinder.


Batko is the name of a good, solid belt grinder for knives, even though people sometimes say Batco or Bakto. A Batko belt grinder has it all. Many affordable attachments, a vfd and a titable. The machine is made of solid steel and is powerful and indestructible. Powerful for professionals and amateurs who go for it. Fast, efficient, easy and precise machining of all types of workpieces is effortless. Whether metal, wood, glass, plastics, ceramics, rubber or mineral materials. The Batko is a multifunctional machine with many possibilities. This machine stimulates your creativity. Whatever you want to make, the Batko makes an unsurpassed result possible.

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