Before starting. IMPORTANT!

This information letter explains how to prepare the start of the Batko1400XL and Batko3000XL.
In this instruction you see pictures and videos of model Batko3000XL.
The principle works the same at model Batko1400XL.
Before starting the machine with a belt, follow these instructions.

Before starting the machine:
Do not apply power to the machine.

For a good belt run, the belt must be well tensioned.

Put on a sanding belt. Tighten the spring as tight as possible and pull the support arm forward. Secure the support arm before releasing the spring handle.

Model Batko3000XL:

Model Batko1400XL:

Step 2:
Turn the belt by hand several times and check if the belt runs properly.
Watch the video at the end of this instruction.

If necessary, adjust the belt run using the belt run adjustment handle:

Step 3:
Check the belt adjustment:
A little too much to the right (approx. 3-5mm) is good.
A little too much to the left is not good: the belt can then touch the motor near the drive wheel.

When the belt is in good position, the motor can be switched on.
If you follow this instruction correctly, the belt cannot touch the motor.